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The LeCarington Crest



lbc start.jpg

The Dragon, the imperial crest of the LeCarington brand presents both in product and opulent packaging, is the most ancient of symbols. Noted as being a universal emblem; it represents wisdom and inner strength. Being regal in nature, Artist/Founder, Lexi Brant Carington selected the dragon as the inspiration behind the brand.

The brand was conceived for philanthropic purposes for one global mission. The light of the crystal in each Arte Handbag represents the light of change for a child's future. It is not a coincidence that the word "Caring" is strategically positioned in the middle of the LeCarington name. 

Illuminating from the center of  LeCarington's Imperial Crest is the brand’s “LBC” logo. At first glance, one may construe the initials to represent the artist's name. However, her initials transcend a much greater purpose. LIGHT BRINGS CHANGE, change benefits charities and charities bless children.

From inception to perpetuity, the driving mission behind the LeCarington brand will continue to inspire change while giving back in a beautiful way.