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The Founder

LeCarington was founded by artist Lexi Brant Carington. Her background in architectural interior design influenced taking her vision from estate homes to runway by transforming art on a wall of a home to that on a woman’s body. Ms. Carington’s philosophy is to continually reinvent herself by creating new art forms not yet seen in the fashion world. “I don’t identify as a designer. Designers follow rules, artists have no rules. As an artist, I try to create the unimaginable and conceptualize how to transpose that vision to life,” states Ms. Carington. By channeling the darkness in her life in the "light" of opportunity, LeCarington was born.





LECARINGTON INTERNATIONAL: LeCarington International is an innovative, philanthropic, couture art fashion accessory brand.

THE MISSION: New York Founder/Artist, Lexi Brant Carington conceived the LeCarington brand of Arte Handbags to end CAID (Childhood Auto-inflammatory Diseases). There are currently over 30 life-threatening diseases under the CAID umbrella. The CAID children can suffer from extreme pain, irreversible damage, and in many cases, fatality.

Proceeds from the sales of LeCarington Arte Handbags are donated to the StopCAIDNow foundation to continue to raise awareness while funding clinical research, physician education, and most importantly, bringing home the cure.

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THE ARTIST:  An intuitive entrepreneur dedicating her life to the children of CAID. It leads without coincidence the word ‘CARING’ is positioned in the middle of the LeCarington name. Ms. Carington’s long, harrowing journey led her desire to partner with StopCAIDNow and be the ‘Voice’ for children.  She was afflicted with misdiagnosed life-threatening Autoimmune and Auto-inflammatory illnesses from her youth.  “As Chief Executive Officer of StopCAIDNow, I am committed to protecting the CAID children from enduring my same journey of 30 plus years of improper treatment without prognosis.” states Ms. Carington.

Ms. Carington recognized that in order to create global awareness for CAID, she had to create something universally revolutionary.  Her mindset is simple: Wear the Arte to StopCAIDNow. “LeCarington is more than a brand, it’s my mission.” states Ms. Carington.

LeCarington Arte Handbags are the confluences of Ms. Carington’s life experiences as a professional actress exposed to playwright and set/costume design, later enhanced by event and European architectural interior design. Her background in designing luxury estate homes transferred to the runway, taking art on a wall of a home to that on a woman’s body. To establish the uniqueness of the brand, Ms. Carington placed an “E” on the end of the word “art” to identify LeCarington “ARTE” Handbags. “I don’t define myself as a designer but rather an artist. Designers define rules while artists break them.” states Ms. Carington.

THE PHILOSOPHY:  LeCarington, bold and beautiful, is defined as a revolutionary brand in accessories by setting a new benchmark in fashion. The brand empowers today’s 21st century woman by creating sizable evening handbags, no longer leaving them in reliance of their escort’s coat pockets to carry their extras. Throughout history, evening handbags were an accessory often tiny and discreet in nature. Introducing larger handbags and filling a notable void in the accessory marketplace was the first part of the brand concept; the second was creating exquisite art pieces that share a philanthropic purpose.

Today’s fashion designs are simplistic and modern in nature. A simple black ensemble is not what gets one noticed in a crowded room, but it did set up the perfect canvas for the LeCarington Arte Handbags.  Art is a social platform that creates conversation, beauty, and often has a powerful message within itself.  LeCarington Arte Handbags will have you noticed entering the room, but the philanthropic mission will have you remembered long after you leave.

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