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Registration of Ownership




LeCarington International requires the Owner (hereby known as “The Arte Collector”); to register their Arte Handbag in order to receive their Certificate of Authenticity (hereby known as “COA”).

Art is an investment whose value often increases over time. The COA protects The Arte Collector’s investment by providing genuine proof that their work of art is an original. A Serial Number and Edition Number are assigned to each Arte Handbag. The Serial Number represents the collection and moniker of the handbag. The Edition Number identifies that your Arte Handbag is an authentic Artist’s Proof (AP) or Limited Edition (LE) or Artist’s Original (AO).

In order to identify which edition The Arte Collector has purchased refer to the name plate on the interior facade of the Arte Handbag.  At the end of the Serial Number are two letters representing the edition. The letters would represent one of the following editions:

ARTIST’S PROOF (AP): An Artist’s Proof is the artist’s vision coming to life produced prior to Limited Editions. Each AP will present variations from the Limited Edition Series.

LIMITED EDITION (LE): A Limited Edition is a series where the total number of pieces noted is finite and the elements presented will not be duplicated exactly as shown. Future designs may and can include one or all of the elements in different color combinations.

ARTIST’S ORIGINAL (AO):  A custom, one of a kind Arte Handbag not duplicated in Serial Number or in Edition Number.

In order to receive your embossed COA displaying an original signature, signed by the Artist/Founder, Lexi Brant Carington, we require picture proof of identity such as: valid drivers license/passport, proof of purchase receipt as well as; a picture of the name plate displaying the moniker/numbers of your individual handbag.


Completed REGISTRATION FORM gets emailed to:

After the verification process has been completed, LeCarington will issue an original, embossed Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist/Founder, Lexi Brant Carington.  The COA will be mailed to the address on the REGISTRATION FORM.